We created the BeThere24™ product to help improve the lives of the 42 Million American seniors living independently, many alone, and to find a better way to connect them with their care-givers. Care-givers are often the children or other close relatives, living lives of their own, who genuinely care and want to play a helpful role in their loved one’s lives.

We are Robert, Jim, Stuart and Michael, and we developed the technology that makes this all possible: even when busy, care-givers remain informed and their loved ones feel secure and safe.


  • "My father was a resident at a Brookedale community in Houston Texas. We were at a Super bowl party and I couldn't get in touch with my Father. I checked the app and it was showing he hadn't left his chair for an extended period. We decided to drive to his home when we got there he was lethargic and delirious. We took him to the hospital where they determined he was suffering a stroke. They stabilized him . While he was in the hospital a few days later he suffered a fatal stroke. I'm thankful that we had a few days to be with him and for being alerted that something was wrong. Bethere24 was there for me."

    Houston TX
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