We created the BeThere24™ product to help improve the lives of the 42 Million American seniors living independently, many alone, and to find a better way to connect them with their care-givers. Care-givers are often the children or other close relatives, living lives of their own, who genuinely care and want to play a helpful role in their loved one’s lives.

We are Robert, Jim, Stuart and Michael, and we developed the technology that makes this all possible: even when busy, care-givers remain informed and their loved ones feel secure and safe.

We each have elderly parents, and know how it feels to be distant from them, and constantly wondering if they’re okay. So we used what we learned in schools like MIT, Oxford, and Vanderbilt (paid for by those same loving parents), and built a private, personalized, non-intrusive system that our parents are proud of us for.

With healthcare becoming what it is, technology will play a ever increasing role in the care of senior communities throughout the United States and the world. The BeThere24™ system will play a role in economically improving the effectiveness of this care. Helping our nation’s seniors and elderly live longer, healthier, and more productive lives independently and for as long as possible, is our goal at BeThere24™. In so doing, we have created innovative technology that deepens the connection between people– their children, parents and families.

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