It’s For You


BeThere24™ gives you maximum privacy while still providing your family and caregivers the information they need to help you if there is a problem. It's the most reliable senior safety system on the market.

The BeThere24™ 24/7 home-monitoring solution provides critical client activity data, alerts your care-givers if anything should happen to you, and can forecast the occurrence of illness by tracking activity that alters from your norm.  One of the best things about it is that you don’t wear a thing.  It’s pure freedom to live normally as you age in dignity.  And it’s a smart system which means it learns from your daily activities what is normal for you.

What the BeThere24 system does for you: 

  • Comprehensive data on behavioral health, daily routines, and care plan adherence including medication routines and schedule.
  • Visibility into population health risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Fall detection
  • Cost savings in home care, home nursing, and chronic disease management.
  • Easy to use home-monitoring solution that supports you and your family in self-managing your health vulnerabilities.
  • Reducing readmissions.

How It Works:  Using discreetly placed wireless sensors placed in the home, BeThere24™ tracks routines and activities, informing caregivers and health care providers when issues of concern arise. BeThere24™ offers consumer friendly technology to assure families that everyone is safe. BeThere24™ is a smart system so it gathers powerful behavioral data and learns the normal daily activity of the client, and when that activity deviates from the norm alerts care givers and health care providers to deliver the best care possible. It’s your path to greater Independence, more improved care and peace of mind for all those that care for you.