It’s For You: It’s For Your Family

Worried about yourself or a loved one living alone? You’re not alone. About eighty percent of baby-boomers with loved ones living alone report high levels of stress being concerned their loved ones. Also, care-giving for our loved ones can be very stressful at times. Living alone and caring for yourself can be stressful. You and your family need peace of mind…

BeThere24™ can help. The affordable, easy-to-use BeThere24™ home-monitoring system is a proven, tested, way for you to monitor your loved one’s daily life in case there is a need. Also, you can be confident that you’ll be quickly notified if your loved one has a need anytime of the day or night. BeThere24™ is the most reliable adult safety system on the market. And, it’s all done by monitoring one’s living area; no one has to wear any gadgets or devices. It’s pure freedom to live normally and in dignity.

Helping Caregivers and You

BeThere24™ gives you or loved one maximum privacy while still providing your family and caregivers the information they need to help you if there is a need. Caregiving can be very time consuming, logistically difficult, financially challenging, and all involved need to know how a loved one is being helped and monitored by BeThere24™.

Some major concerns our customers have about their loved ones are the following:

Are they eating properly?
Are they drinking enough water?
Are they getting enough quality sleep?
Are they getting enough exercise?
Are they bathing regularly?
Are they going to the bathroom regularly?
Are they taking their medicine?
Has their daily routine changed?
Have they fallen?
Are they roaming outside?
And much more…

BeThere24™ can help answer these vital questions on a daily basis, day and night.

How It Works

Using discreetly placed wireless sensors placed in the home, BeThere24™ tracks routines and activities, and informs caregivers and health care providers when issues of concern arise. BeThere24™ offers consumer friendly technology to assure families that loved ones are safe.


BeThere24™ is a smart system so it gathers powerful behavioral data and learns the normal daily activity of the client. When that activity deviates from the norm, the system alerts caregivers and health care providers to deliver the best care possible. Our system is the path to greater independence for your loved ones, and provides you with the surety they are healthy and secure. Everyone can live with greater peace of mind.


Your BeThere24™ activity and alert monitoring smart system comes in a box. This contains a Hub and several wireless color-coded motion and pressure sensitive sensors. A simple configuration system is used to assign locations and functions for each of the sensors, using the color code or numbers inscribed on the back of each sensor. The sensors are then placed in strategic locations as per our easy to follow instructions. The Hub is plugged into your cable router or can work off of your WiFi system. There is no need to drill holes in walls or run wires. More importantly, the entire system can be installed by you or a caregiver in less than an hour.


Once the system is turned on, it begins sensing the client’s daily activities and routines around the home. You may pre-program the system with your current daily activities or allow the system to learn this over time.


Once the system is operating, it provides you with reports and feed-back on your routines. If any of those change out of the norm, the system alerts you and your caregivers. If an emergency occurs, it will alert your caregivers, and the 24/7 monitoring company you have contracted with to serve you. Then, help is only minutes away.


Use the BeThere24™ system as a forecaster. Over time, our system can sense a potential frailty in routines that may not be noticeable in early stages. Family members and caregivers monitoring daily activity will be alerted to these subtle changes by viewing the trending function in the system.
Then, family members or caregivers can be in touch with their loved ones and their care professionals and address any needs.

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